Monday, March 18, 2013

So begins the Spoiler Alert


The gifts! Oh how amazing they are. On our bed for this season, a detailed list shall be given heceforth:

We were given 2 coats. Both Sierra Designs. They were awesome. The under coat was amazingly warm, and I wore it without the other coat most the time I was there. I never double coated up... tooooo hot!

The outer shell was great. Both had pockets galore. Enough room to carry just about everything, and then some.

Our long underwear were from Coldpruf. They are the ones you can buy from Dick's sporting goods. I didn't believe that they would be warmer than my Nike cold gear but they were. And lots thinner and more able to move in them! I recommend them to anyone.

We were given a pair each of Columbia bugaboot with omni heat winter waterproof boots. Mine were brown/purple and DTM's were black on black. These are lined with thinsulate and are amazingly warm.

We were given Smith's workwear gear. Hunting socks, neck warmer, hat and ear warmer all from them. DTM's gloves were also Smith's too.

My gloves were Manzella's and were awesome! I loved how soft they were and how versatile I could do all the activities in them. Definitely worth Marlboro's money!

We were given a funky waterbottle pouch thing, I didn't use mine there, but most did. I thought it looked weird, so I will eventually use it at home I guess.

Stetson 5X hats were on top of our coats

A green bandana and an LED flashlight were also on our bed, as well as a wooden token worth $150 in the General Store. 5 packs of our choice of cigarettes and paperwork also were laid out. All that was missing was the Andes mint chocolates.... lol....

Hope it helps you in your travels.

Here are some pics :)

Day 3 at the Ranch!

After what seemed like a nap, our sleep came to an end with the annoying rant of my alarm clock at 0700. We had zip lining at 0900. After another hearty breakfast, we loaded up and went to gear up for zip lining. The Yak Traks were amazing! Going to have to get some of those for here! We zipped for 3 hours and had the time of our lives!!!

The ranch boasts the fact that they have the largest privately owned zip line course! IT was a blast! DTM and I are scared of heights, but we had so much fun, and want to go again. Our guides, Eric and Cat, were awesome, and if I could do it all over again, I would!!! The longest zip was 2200 feet long and over 100 feet above ground!!! We had such a great time.

After that course, we had just enough time to grab lunch bites and then off to 2 and 1/2 hours of ice fishing. I had one on the line, but didn't get him in. The fish were so picky and by that time late in the season, they were so smart and wouldn't hardly take the bait.

We went down to the saloon after that and built our brands. DTM and I had not even talked about ours or shown each other what we had previously made. Ours were so almost identical that it wasn't funny!!! We shared some pictures then and went to take a nap before dinner. That saved me! Dinner then concert was awesome. The poker tournament was great. I did well at my initial table but when we condensed our tables to one, I lost my luck, but came in 3rd overall. We went to bed after that.... had to be up by 0530 to get packed and to be up for the ride home.

My Luggage had been damaged by the airport staff, so the ranch gave me a whole new bag. I had to repack it at the airport, but it was fine. the ranch gave us a comp ticket for lunch at the airport which was awesome. It was sad to go home, but we had a blast. I hope we can get the opportunity to go again.

Our smart packing tips of vacuuming the air out of our clothes really paid off cause we had no trouble fitting our gifts in the luggage on our way home, and other than his camera and my purse we had NO carry on bags! Woo Hoo!!!

Day 2 at the Ranch

DTM and I had a hearty breakfast and headed out for a 3hr snowmobile trip! Our small group was great! The thing that sucked was, that on our way to the Snowmobiles, we got over to let the dogsledding dogs by and their truck, and when we did, we went nose first in our van into the deeper soft snow and got stuck. Had to be towed out. We made it to our sleds and had a great course in how to ride. Everything was great in theory, but when we finally got out on the sleds, I was scared to death! I hadn't ever rode anything like those before. I wanted to do it longer, cause once I got the hang of it, riding was great. We stopped at a cabin about 30 mins from the end and had sausage and drinks. It was snowing and gorgeous!

After that, we got back and switched from suits to ski bibs. we had a bit of lunch before we headed out to snowboard for 3 hours! What a work out! I didn't remember it ever being sooooo hard. My legs hurt so bad and I couldn't feel my feet at all. We snowboarded down a bunny hill. DTM was better off than I, but we did great!

The Staff was great, and they are the ones who took the pics of us on this activity! We got done, and there were hardly anyone else scheduled for the snow tubing, so we decided to tube while we had the opportunity. We went down like 4 times. it was enough for me. The first time I went down by myself and it was icing on the hill so we went quickly and the ice was hard to stop on. Next we chained together with two other people and had a great time! I got bucked off the chain and hit my head good. It sucked. We went down two more times, but I couldn't breathe well, so I decided I had enough.

We got back to our room and we changed out of our clothes and it was sweaty. We didn't realize that Montana was warmer than Indiana. We showered and had our gifts from the General Store purchased. The group photo was that night so after an appetizer and a couple drinks from the bar, we took the group photo. Then they had the Fire and Ice party down at the lake. Oh it was gorgeous! Loved the scenery and the company.

We had dinner that night and then there was some open table poker and I played. After about 8 drinks, I won my poker table.... by pure luck, and went to bed that night happy.

Our Trip!

Hey Yall! DTM and I got back last Thursday and it was GREAT!!!!! We wanted to stay just 1 more day, but oh well, it worked out in the end. On the way there, we vacuumed our clothes down real well, and had so much room, we could have (and should have) fit a carry on bag in each of the top halves of our luggage bags! My uncle dropped us off in Indy at the airport. Luckily I have significant traveling experience behind me, that going through security and such was a breeze, and especially since Indy has a rapidly moving security line. DTM had a rough time, but got the hang of it.

Our plane from IND-MSP was the smallest plane that Delta had to offer. Literally and figuratively! I think they dusted it off from the hanger and said "this will do". It had no TV's or Wifi. :( The seats were so small that DTM and I barely fit. DTM took this photo from inside the terminal:

When we arrived in MSP we were at terminal A-6. We had to catch a cart to get from one end all the way to gate F2. It was a long drive even! When we got to F2, there were some great folks there that we met who were also going to the Ranch! It was nice to meet some of the folks we'd be spending the week with! It was a sea of black caps from MSP-BZN. When we got off the plane the Ranch staff was so awesome, and friendly. they welcomed us and showed us where we were going to do paperwork and then we took pictures.  Here's DTM and I at the BZN airport:

Little did we know just what was in store for us! The most amazing adventure ever! Pics from the airport:

It was a gorgeous airport. Small and quaint. We ate a fabulous lunch that consisted of sub sandwiches, and snacks. We got grouped up into different buses and we had to identify our luggage first. We got onto charter buses and were taken into Bozeman, MT then to Clyde Park where the Ranch is. It was about an hour and 20 minute drive, but was well worth it. The scenery was so amazing, and we couldn't get over looking at it.

From the airport straight off the plane:

DTM stitched together about 5 pictures here to make a most amazing panorama photograph. We do work like this, so if you take many pictures and overlap them, you can send a flash drive or RW cd and we can pano them!

I won't disclose all the details on this post, so no spoiler alert yet, but will alert you when I do disclose things you may choose to be surprised about, but I guess if you are reading my blog, you don't obviously want to be surprised?

The staff carried our bags after we checked in and took us to our room. DTM and I stayed in Washington in the bank. It was gorgeous. We loved the thunder flush toilets so much, that when we renovate our house, DTM and I are going to make one!!!!  Here's what it is:

That night we had to try our snowmobile suits on before 6pm, and exchange gifts for different sizes. I had to change in my coats, and hat. We had our hats shaped that night and went to dinner. The food was so amazing. If you went hungry at ANY time, it was solely YOUR OWN FAULT! They fed us so much. DTM and I were wore from traveling, so we hit the hay that night at 8pm.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Packing theory is a BUST!

Well, yall.....

We got the luggage last week. I've been trying for days to get it to fit like my packing theory suggests. :( No go. The wheels and the spine of the bag causes it not to fit within the other one. Sorry Yall. But, the vacuum bag is still a go! We are now each going to get our own bag and vacuum it down so we can have extra room. From what I read, Delta Airlines says a carryon cannot exceed 4 ft in length... so, we're either golden cause the bags are going to be both light and shorter, or cause we still have our cards to check the bags. :)

Sorry for not updating until now. Been busy and sick here. Hoping to feel better before Monday when we leave. Will post pictures later on though. I'm kinda tired, and so is DTM.

Stay safe out there!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tickets, Check, Luggage Tags, and So much more!!!!!

Howdy readers!

Yesterday, Feb 27, 2013 I received the Fed Ex packet that had our tickets, check, debit cards, contact cards, luggage tags, and letter in it. I was overjoyed! It's really real! We ARE going, and we DO have tickets to prove it!

Some people have said that we are only going out on a free trip so that some marketing group can get us to buy a timeshare and spend our savings. Little do they know, eh? We're in for the time of our lives! I activated the cards after I read the letter very carefully. The letter explained an overview of the rules, once again, and gave us a tentative agenda for our major activities at the ranch. We're snowmobiling the first day and ziplining the second! Woooo Hooo. DTM and I are bot afraid of heights, but this will be a  time to conquer the fears and have fun!

I can't wait to see what all else is to do, and also that tomorrow I get the package receiving our luggage and hats! Excited for the trip. Here are the pics of everything received:

 I'm so ready! This last week will drag on, but I'm sure DTM will keep me busy as we are building and re-doing our house. Yay us.... lol.

Until the luggage comes,
stay safe out there

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Playing the waiting game

Hey folks! Its been a while since I posted last. Just wanted to give you and update on how things are going here at home, waiting on the trip to the ranch. DTM and I are supposed to receive our luggage, tickets, check, and what have you this Wednesday. I have a sneaky suspicion though regarding this. I have seen that many people who are going haven't been getting their stuff for the trip on time. So, with that being said.... The waiting game is still being played. We've seen on the different web sites regarding stuff that happens at the ranch. I won't give spoiler alerts yet, but when we get back, if you are going later than us or whatever, those spoiler alerts will ensue.

Was out getting my massage that DTM got me for Valentine's day, and the lady there said she knew some folks who were going around the same time as us, and it made me happy all over again about the trip, cause it is something I just am super excited about.

My dad was supposed to be taking us to the airport for our trip so we won't have to pay for parking, but that has changed... but wait! More family members and they live like 10 mins from the airport have graciously stepped up, and offered us to stay at their house that night and take us to the airport! Woo Hooo. No getting up 4 hours early for us two! Plus a dip in the hot tub the night before will really make my back and mind happy happy happy.

Been looking at the pictures of the bag they give us for the trip, and it looks like you should be able to pack your spare bag in the bottom of the suitcase, and with the tips from my packing theory post, you can save loads of room! Will of course update that and take pictures too. :)

Well, if you've already gone, or have anything to say.... don't be shy!
Stay safe out there,